Exercise Can Help Increase Your Sexual Health

Working out is good for our health, we all know that, but have you ever thought that working out can help you have better sex? According to an exercise physiologist, hitting the gym for three to four times per week can help with your flexibility, sexual technique and endurance. Are you wondering what type of exercises you need to do in order to have a better sex? Here are few of the exercises you can do, read on.

Weight lifting

Testosterone levels will increase when you do intense exercises such as crunches, weight lifting and push-ups. These type of exercises can help you gain an improved stamina which is needed during intercourse, so for a better sexual life, you need to do weight lifting.


Another great exercise to improve sexual health is Kegels. It can help improve control and endurance through toning the pubococcygeus muscles which let you stop the urine mid-stream flow. Better sexual life can be achieved through Kegels since it can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Men can make use of this exercise in order to delay ejaculation before orgasm. You can do Kegels through squeezing the pubococcygeus muscles, hold it for about ten second then relax. You can repeat it many times.


To help make your body flexible and managing different creative positions, you should do yoga. Your stamina and energy will also be improved through yoga. The yoga poses that can help enhance your pelvic muscles are Shoulder Stand, Bow Pose and Peacock Pose.

Fast Walking

A study has shown that there is a lower risk of erectile dysfunction through aerobic exercise. If you burn about 200 calories per day doing aerobic activity you can greatly lower the threat of erectile dysfunction. With fast walking, you will be able to enhance your blood circulation thus improving your sexual life. Longer erections can be achieved through this exercise. This aerobic exercise can also help you relax thus boosting your sexual performance.


Endurance can be improved through swimming. We all know that endurance is needed with your sexual activity, so to be energized, you need to swing for at least 30 minutes three times in a week. You can also lose weight through swimming, which is another great factor for better sex. Endurance is not the only key for a better sexual life, getting a fit body can attract your partner leading to a better sexual life.

In order for you to improve your flexibility, sexual technique and endurance, you should try doing these exercises. You will be able to impress your partner with the sexual drive and powers that you have. Another thing, it is not only your sexual health that you will be able to improve but your body’s health and fitness as well, so take time and do these exercises.

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